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Using the healing power of photography for mental health

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About Us

We're building a new community and language around mental health by tapping into therapeutic photography techniques. Help us change how we see and talk about depression, anxiety and mental health.

What You’ll Get Here at The One Project

As a member of The One Project, we want you to get immediate value from being here. That’s why we’re aiming to offer five simple things:

  1. Learn therapeutic photography and use the healing power of photography as a new language to express yourself around mental health
  2. Share stories, experiences, insights and support around mental health
  3. Meet people in your area (if you choose to) and take part in local events
  4. Use this safe space to better understand what you're going through or how to better support loved ones struggling with their mental health
  5. Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day while giving back ❤️

p.s. We've also built up a network of partnerships that helps us provide opportunities to share your stories and our mission at a greater scale publicly (only after getting your express permission — often this includes compensation).

What is the commitment for membership?

We offer a high-quality community and system across desktop, iOS and Android along with events, resources and courses filled with expertise from over 8 years.

You get all of this for only $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Forever Free Policy ❤️ We're Open To Everyone

We realize that mental health challenges are often linked to or exacerbated by financial struggles, so we offer memberships to those unable to afford it.

  1. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, are on disability or in a situation where you can't afford membership, please message us before your free trial expires to gain access without being charged.
  2. If you do not have a credit card to sign up, please message us now.

Please only request this if you really need it, we simply use the honour system. Charging membership allows us to remain sustainable as we grow, stay true to our mission (ex. not running ads) and give back to members like you through paid opportunities, member rewards, or grants. You can also change your membership to a paid one later on when you’re in a better space or make one-time donations anytime on our website.

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